Round vinyl caps

Flexible round vinyl caps can be applied quickly and easily. No matter what the application, they fit tightly without cracking or splitting. Our round vinyl caps also guarantee excellent insulation qualities and resist weather, moisture and chemicals.

We have got standard moulds for the production of flexible round vinyl caps with a diameter of 1.4mm up to 300mm. Our standard vinyl colour range is red, white, blue, green, yellow, black and grey. We can also produce your specified colour exactly. We also produce pull tab vinyl caps.

Custom round vinyl caps

In addition, we also deliver products in a wide range of materials for your specific application. If required, a specific material will be developed that completely fulfils your requirements.

Vinyl tube and pipe caps

The round caps can be used as vinyl tube caps or vinyl pipe caps. It protects the pipe or tube against damage and gives it an insulation against water.

Do you want to give your round vinyl cap a unique appearance with your own name or logo? Or print user instructions on it? No problem!
We use tampon printing, to print text or logos on all kinds of vinyl caps.

Round vinyl caps | LoVen Special Products

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