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Vinyl bellows and gaiters from LoVen | LoVen special products

Vinyl bellows and gaiters from LoVen

Vinyl bellows are perfect for the protection of mechanical actuating rods and shafts. They protect hydraulic and pneumatic rods against dirt and other foreign materials that can damage seals and cause mechanical failure, while allowing full operation travel. Our vinyl bellows are used for a wide variety of applications in industries like automotive, and manufacturing. While they protect the rods and shafts against foreign materials, they also protect users against harm from moving parts.

Dip molded bellows and gaiters

Dip molding is an ideal technique for the production of vinyl bellows and gaiters, because tooling costs of this production method are low for both high and low volumes and the production process is highly versatile. For many applications a parallel type of bellow with concentric convolutions is suitable. With dip molding, these types of bellows and gaiters are extremely fast and economical to produce. But more complex products like bellows with collapsible sections and in different shapes are also easily manufactured with dip molding, while the production process remains cost-effective.

Dip molded bellows at LoVen special products

At LoVen, we products dip molded bellows and gaiters for many applications. We have access to a wide variety of materials that can suit most industries. All our materials are available in different colours and we can even match the colour to your exact specifications. Our vinyl bellows are a perfect solution for the protection of your hydraulic rams, gas struts, joystick actuation rods, exposed springs, and other moving parts. Contact us to discuss the advantages of our products for your specific application.