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Our dip molding materials | LoVen special products

Our dip molding materials

We use vinyl plastisol for all our dip molded products. This is a dispersion of PVC resins in a plasticiser liquid. We can also add a number of additives like pigments, stabilisers for heat and UV-light, and flame retardants to our dip molding material. LoVen has developed a number of special formulations and the hardness of our products is measured on the Shore A scale which ranges from very flexible at 40 Shore up to semi rigid at 95 Shore. For the last few years, almost all our products are produced with Phthalate free plastisol and all the ingredients are FDA approved. This ensures that our products are suitable for a wide variety of applications. Some of our special formulations include UV-resistant plastisol, plastisol for medical use, plastisol for use in high- and low temperature environments, and chemical resistant plastisol.

Plastisol properties

PVC is well known for its excellent electrical insulation, it is splash resistant to many chemicals and most basic grades have good flame retardant properties. With the use of additives, custom grade plastisols can be produced that are suitable for specific environments like environments with a very high or low temperature. We produce plastisol in in a wide range of standard colours, but can also match a colour to your requirements. Available finishes vary from high gloss to semi matt, matt, textured, and fluorescent.

Environmental responsibility

At LoVen we are committed to ensuring best working practices where processes and materials may have an impact upon the environment. All our waste is collected and held ready for collection and disposal by a specialist recycling company. Processed plastisol cannot be re-used, but solid waste is recycled and used for the production of flooring and flowerpots.

The above will help to give you a better understanding of the dip moulding materials that we have available, but be assured that we are more than willing to discuss your specific requirements and advise you accordingly.